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Album Review: Nature's Light
Blackmore's Night
Cover image of the album Nature's Light by Blackmore's Night
Nature's Light
Blackmore's Night
2021 / earMUSIC
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Nature's Light is the eleventh studio album by Blackmore's Night and their first album of new music in six years. Known world-wide as a Renaissance rock band, the group includes rock guitar "god" Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow, etc.) and Candice Night (vocals and woodwind instruments), who write most of the music and lyrics and perform them with a merry band of musicians on keyboards, background vocals, guitars, percussion, and violin. Most of the ten tracks include poetic vocals, but there are a couple of outstanding instrumentals as well. Over the past twenty years or so, Blackmore's Night has created a legacy with several gold records and sold-out concert performances all over the world by merging medieval melodies with rock elements. I have reviewed quite a few of their recordings and have enjoyed them all. There are no real surprises on Nature's Light, but I really doubt many people will be disappointed about that.

Nature's Light begins with "Once Upon December," an upbeat and playful song that tells "a tale through the winters frosty gale." It's been a while since I've been to a Renaissance Faire, but this song and Candice's voice take me right back. "Four Winds" is a song about freedom and getting a fresh start. The soaring vocals give this song wings. "Feather In the Wind" is a beautiful song inspired by Candice's experience of finding feathers in odd places after her father passed away and the comforting reminders those feathers brought her. "Darker Shade of Black" is the first of two instrumentals. Slow and mournful, the violin has the lead for the first part of the piece with organ, guitar and percussion behind it. As the piece progresses, the organ and percussion build and take over along with background vocals (no lyrics). At about the mid-point, the piece really opens up and becomes a full-blown rock anthem worthy of Deep Purple back in the late-60's. The title track is a big, splashy ode to getting away from the city and into nature where "moments are miracles if you believe." Almost a march with lots of drums and horns, it's a real toe-tapper! "Der Letzte Musketier (The Last Musketeer)" refers to a German band Blackmore belonged to early in his career called The Three Musketeers. The other two members of the group are gone now, so Blackmore is the last one. Definitely a rocker with some great electric guitar licks and a driving beat, you won't be able to sit still with this one! "Wish You Were Here" has appeared on a few previous releases, but the deep emotion in Candice's voice is affecting and sincere. "Second Element" was not penned by Blackmore and Night, but they have made it their own with a big production with acoustic and electric guitars, passionate vocals, strings and a driving beat. Even at 75, Ritchie Blackmore still rocks hard with the best of them!

Nature's Light is available in several formats including CD, download and vinyl. There are quite a few music videos for this album plus interviews on YouTube and www.BlackmoresNight.com. With so much to enjoy here, be sure to check it out!
April 8, 2021