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Album Review: Diode Melody
Chris Lonsberry
Cover image of the album Diode Melody by Chris Lonsberry
Diode Melody
Chris Lonsberry
1999 / Highland Piano Studios
Review by Kathy Parsons
Diode Melody is something of a step back in time. Half of the guitar/piano duo, Reverie, Chris Lonsberry has taken a side-road from his usually acoustic path to explore the possibilities of vintage synthesizers. Warm and melodic, this collection of pieces conveys a variety of moods and messages. The CD opens with a rather majestic rhythm which ushers in the melodic overlays. It is fascinating to hear how Chris has mixed ‘90’s sensibilities with instruments from 15-20 years ago. The CD is nostalgic in some ways, but the musical motifs are current. My favorite track is “The New World” - an irresistible rocker that caused the father of one of my students to comment “I didn’t think piano teachers were supposed to listen to music like that - OR crank up the volume!” He then introduced me to his new $6000 stereo system! But I digress. “Open Terrain” is another up-tempo, rhythm-infused fun-fest that I really like - it must have been a real blast to put together! Other pieces are somewhat more ambient, such as “Climbing Mountains”, which is dark and less-melodic, but extremely effective. “Streams” also has a dark feel in contrast to the light and gentle “Rainfall”. Many of these pieces would be very compelling in soundtracks - an area Chris hopes to explore. A very enjoyable exploration of classic synthesizers in a “today” setting, Diode Melody is available from Chris’s website at highlandpiano.com.
July 7, 1999
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