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Album Review: Forever Roads
Chris Lonsberry
Cover image of the album Forever Roads by Chris Lonsberry
Forever Roads
Chris Lonsberry
1999 / Lonsberry
Review by Kathy Parsons
Forever Roads, Chris Lonsberry’s first solo album, is a delightful mix of playing and composing styles. The majority of pieces are solo guitar, but others are accompanied by drums and other synthesized instruments (also performed by Lonsberry). Nominated for Instrumental Album of the Year by Jam Music Magazine, the styles range from the gentle sadness of “Nothing More to Say” to the rousing “Molly’s Return”. Half of the guitar/piano duo, Reverie, Chris also released a synth album called “Diode Melody” in 1999.

“Molly’s Return” is my favorite track. It is a lively Celtic dance that is positively infectious. Synth flutes swirl around the strumming guitar, and anyone who can sit still must be dead or close to it! “Tribute” is a haunting piece for flute, guitar, and percussion. “A Little Boy’s World” is a lighthearted acoustic guitar solo that evokes images of a carefree child running through the tall grass or riding a bicycle at full speed off to a new adventure. “Nothing More to Say” brims over with sweet melancholy - my favorite of the guitar solos. I also really like “Minstral” with its wistful, longing feeling; “Midnight Dream” also has this lovely quality. “She Smiles In the Morning” is a very sweet and tender love song. “Tribute” would be a wonderful slow dance with its pulsing rhythm and gentle flute. The title track is an introspective solo piece, reflecting on the many different choices (roads) in life - those traveled and those not taken. “When the Jester Leaves Town” and “In the Palaces” have powerful rhythm tracks, so you won’t be able to fall asleep with this album! Personally, I love the variety of styles showcased on Forever Roads, as it clearly indicates how versatile this very talented artist is. Both thumbs up for Forever Roads!
September 9, 1999
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