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Album Review: Reverie
Chris Lonsberry and Patrick Lee Hebert
Cover image of the album Reverie by Chris Lonsberry and Patrick Lee Hebert
Chris Lonsberry and Patrick Lee Hebert
1998 / Highland Piano Studios
43 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Reverie is a duo consisting of Patrick Lee Hebert on piano and Chris Lonsberry on guitar. All but two of the tracks (Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” and the Celtic favorite “Marble Halls”) are original compositions, and range from a country/folk styling to full synth orchestration. As a whole, the CD has a very relaxed, easy-going feel to it, but is complex enough musically to invite repeated listenings. Hebert and Lonsberry are both extremely capable and creative artists, and have produced a very satisfying first album. “Southern Reflection” is a lovely, wistful piece, which is featured as a piano solo on Hebert’s “The Poet’s Dream”; the guitar adds a new dimension. “In the Highlands” has a more rousing, full-bodied feel with a flowing guitar solo in the middle backed with synth strings. “Through A Child’s Eyes” reminds me of the sweet simplicity of some of Robin Spielberg's pieces - very honest and direct. “Stormfront” is the biggest and longest of the tracks, and my favorite. It opens to the sound of rain and thunder to segue to dramatic synth strings, which, in turn, segue to Hebert’s piano and Lonsberry’s electric guitar in a mournful duet. In its seven minutes, the piece ebbs and flows with changes in instrumentation as well as mood. “Highland Reprise” closes the CD with a melodic synth orchestration that trails off.... A very nice CD indeed!
April 4, 1998
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