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Album Review: Gentleman Bailey (single)
Darla Bower
Cover image of the album Gentleman Bailey (single) by Darla Bower
Gentleman Bailey (single)
Darla Bower
2019 / Darla Bower
2 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
“Gentleman Bailey” is pianist/composer Darla Bower’s loving solo piano tribute to her dog who passed away just before Christmas 2018. This piece is very gentle and heartfelt and expresses the deep feelings of loss that often overwhelm us when a beloved pet dies. Darla’s description of her little white Bichon also touches the heart: “Bailey was the sweetest and gentlest soul of any canine I have ever owned and was truly my dog as well as a loyal companion.  He was a true gentleman who held our hearts and had the most soulful button brown eyes I have ever seen; they would melt your heart. This piece represents a huge piece of my heart that went with him when he traveled down the dusty road.” “Gentleman Bailey” is slow, spare and very poignant, and I can’t imagine anyone not being deeply touched by it.

“Gentleman Bailey” will be included on Darla’s upcoming album later this year, but the single is now available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.
July 2, 2019
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