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Album Review: Blue Rose (album)
David Wahler
Cover image of the album Blue Rose (album) by David Wahler
Blue Rose (album)
David Wahler
2023 / David Wahler
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
David Wahler's Blue Rose album is a collection of ten gorgeous original instrumental pieces sure to calm and uplift anyone's spirit. All ten pieces were released as singles ahead of the album, and I reviewed three: "Il Addio - The Farewell," "Just a Thought," and "Blue Rose," which shares the same stunning cover artwork as the album. David Wahler has been one of my favorite artists since I started reviewing his music in 2009 and this album is an excellent example of why. Performed on mostly electronic instruments, the sound quality is always clear, warm and very expressive. The music can easily slip into the background, but is so rich and rewarding to listen to with full attention.

Blue Rose begins with "Once Upon Another Time," a dreamy piece for strings (both bowed and pizzacato), oboe, and ambient background choral voices. What a beautiful beginning! "Bernadette's Dream" is a lively, graceful waltz that begins with an electronic piano, gradually adding the sound of wind and some interesting percussive effects that don't quite keep a steady tempo and make the piece feel even more dreamlike. "II Addio - The Farewell" was composed in a neo-classical style for cello, keyboards and piano. David describes the piece as "a song of plaintive emotions, centering on the goodbyes in life: the dissolution of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, the metaphysical end of this worldly plane and voyage to the astral." The sampled cello sound is amazing. I really love this one! On "Just a Thought," piano and keyboards envelope the listener in soothing, relaxing sounds that uplift the spirit while expressing feelings of optimism and hope. The instrumentation on the title track includes bell-like tones, strings, a gentle rhythm, and soothing background voices (no lyrics) - gorgeous, relaxed and another favorite. "Red" goes somewhat darker and sounds almost Baroque with keyboard and cello or viola taking turns with the melody. Poignant and deeply melancholy, "Dark Eyes" is a beautiful cello piece with gentle background instrumentation that includes harp and voices. A gently hypnotic keyboard rhythm supports the cello lead and a girl's quiet voice in "Come." "Soliloquy" is compelling with its cello leads pouring their hearts into the melancholy melody while a quiet keyboard rhythm keeps it moving at a very relaxed but purposeful pace - another favorite! The album comes to a close with "Little Sparrow," a piece as delicate and light as its namesake - a gorgeous ending for one of the best albums of 2023.

Blue Rose is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming platforms. Don't miss it!
December 6, 2023
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