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Album Review: Parallel Solitudes
Edmond Paul Nicodemi
Cover image of the album Parallel Solitudes by Edmond Paul Nicodemi
Parallel Solitudes
Edmond Paul Nicodemi
2004 / Theo Jack Music
51 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Parallel Solitudes is a beautiful collection of original piano solos dedicated to jazz great Bill Evans, who often said that his best playing was when he was alone at night practicing. I jokingly tell my own piano students that I’m a genius when I’m by myself. Solitude allows us the freedom to just play and be ourselves without fear of mistakes or criticism. That feeling of intimacy and introspection runs through this CD, creating a mood of quiet stillness. Trained in both classical music and jazz, Edmond Paul Nicodemi keeps the music on this CD uncluttered and accessible, but complex enough to invite many listenings without getting stale. Each of the eleven tracks describes a different type of solitude or reaction to it.

The CD opens with “Singular Solitude,” a gently bittersweet piece that hints of loneliness. As the piece develops, it becomes more intense and passionate - a kind of pianistic soliloquy. As its title implies, “Sleepless in Jackson Heights” is a bit more agitated and restless. “Blissful Solitude” conveys that warm, contented feeling of having some free time to yourself with no pressures or deadlines. “Carol In the City” has a very strong hint of Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedies” - cool, relaxed, and a bit aloof. I really like this one! “Maria Callas: Alone in Paris” is another beauty. Dark and melancholy, I get the feeling of a rainy day and a broken heart, maybe looking for solace in a crowd. The title track is reflective and nostalgic with a wistful melody and free-flowing rhythm. “Waiting for the Sunset” ends the CD on a peaceful, contented note. As the piece builds, the “colors” become brighter and more intense and then deepen into the bass and fade out - a very effective piece!

Parallel Solitudes is my first experience with Edmond Paul Nicodemi’s music, and I look forward to hearing more! This CD would create a beautiful backdrop for a dinner party or reading by the fire, but treat your ears and listen to it carefully! You won’t be disappointed. It is available from cdbaby.com and amazon.com. Recommended!
June 30, 2006