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Album Review: Universe
Igor Lisul
Cover image of the album Universe by Igor Lisul
Igor Lisul
2022 / Igor Lisul
40 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Universe is the third album (plus several singles) by Igor Lisul, a left-handed guitarist and composer from Kikinda, Serbia. Lisul is a mostly self-taught musician and the twelve original instrumental tracks reflect on a variety of life experiences and moods. Most of the pieces are played on electric guitar with percussion and keyboard orchestration; two tracks are solo electric guitar. Quoting Lisul: "My main genre is art rock instrumental, but it can also be characterized as guitar soul rock music or soft rock music. My music is rather emotional, melodic and uplifting." I agree.

The album begins with "Freedom," a passionate anthem that stirs the soul. The electric guitar melody is lively and expressive while the drums drive the piece with a compelling rhythm. Ethereal keyboard washes in the background keep the music grounded while the guitar soars. "A Day In Spring" is a joyous instrumental rock ballad that all but dances on air. "Summer Rain" slows down the tempo a bit and reminds me of sitting by a window and watching it rain (I do that a lot here on the Oregon Coast!). Dreamy and wistful, I really like this one! "The Colours of Love" is a passionate rock slow dance that comes from the heart. "Tenderness" is one of the softer pieces on the album. There are no drums or percussion on this one - just the guitar and atmospheric keyboard washes. I really like this one, too! The soaring electric guitar in "The Joy of Life" will have you rocking in your chair (or wherever you happen to be!). "Journeys" is a gentle electric guitar solo that feels very personal and intimate - almost conversational. I hope Lisul will consider doing more recordings with just the guitar, as this is my favorite track on the album. "Romantic Skies" makes me think of watching a sunset on the beach with a loved one - is there anything better? "Story" is also solo electric guitar. I really like the openness of Lisul's solo guitar music and how it communicates so directly with the listener. The album closes with "At the End of the Day," a soulful piece with keyboard washes and drums/percussion that keep it moving forward.

Universe is a great choice for fans of progressive rock or art rock and is a great way to get acquainted with Igor Lisul and his music. The album is available to download or stream on Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes, and is also available on all of the streaming platforms. Check it out!
May 7, 2022
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