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Album Review: Kaleidoscope
Jeffrey Michael
Cover image of the album Kaleidoscope by Jeffrey Michael
Jeffrey Michael
2002 / Fireheart Music
52 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Kaleidoscope is a very enjoyable collection of piano solos with washes of synth strings. An aspiring film composer (with several soundtracks under his belt already), Jeffrey Michael describes his compositions as “cinematic piano”. Only 25, this is a young man with a ton of potential! He is a self-taught musician, and is an unusual one in that his lack of formal training doesn’t show at all. The entire album is very enjoyable and soothing, and the music is laid-back without being ear-candy. I especially like “Indigo Falls”, which is a little moodier than the other tracks. I love the flowing quality and emotional content of this piece! I also really like the bluesy feel of the title track - an easy-going piece with a catchy rhythm. “Crimson Sky” has a wonderful melancholy flow - the kind of piece I really enjoy playing because you can get so caught up in the emotions. “Solitude” is deep and introspective. “Tribute” was composed for the fallen victims of 9/11, and is sad without being maudlin - a moving memorial. Jeffrey Michael is definitely an artist on the rise, and I think you’ll really enjoy this album. Kaleidoscope is available from cdbaby.com and fireheartmusic.com.
February 2, 2002
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