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Album Review: Reflections
Jeffrey Michael
Cover image of the album Reflections by Jeffrey Michael
Jeffrey Michael
1999 / Fireheart Music
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Reflections is especially impressive, considering the fact that Jeffrey Michael was only 22 when he recorded it! Nine of the ten pieces are original piano solos with washes of synth strings for accompaniment. The non-original piece is Michael’s arrangement of Pachelbel’s “Canon in D”, which has to be approaching the record for the most-recorded piece in history - especially on piano! Michael makes a bold statement on the piano, with a full, rich sound, and heartfelt emotional content. I hear a bit of Yanni at the piano on “Divine Serenity” and Suzanne Ciani in “Mirror of Dreams”, but these are only influential phrases, not copying. My favorite track, by far, is “Road to Bonifacio”, which has an infectious energy that I love. At just under nine minutes, we get to spend quite a bit of time on this road, and I still found myself hitting the “repeat” button on my CD player over and over. The piece has a sense of adventure, mystery, and joy - it really speaks to me. The title song is also very nice, with a peaceful flow in the left hand and a gentle melody in the right. “Echoes” is more melancholy, but carries a feeling of searching and of hope. “Anthem” is a bit more jubilant, and is another favorite. An aspiring film composer, Jeffrey Michael paints from a vibrant musical palette, and should do well matching his musical inspirations to the more visual media. I look forward to following his most promising career! Reflections is available from cdbaby.com and fireheartmusic.com. Recommended!
September 9, 1999
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