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Album Review: Destined
Joe Bongiorno
Cover image of the album Destined by Joe Bongiorno
Joe Bongiorno
2004 / Mellow Sounds Recordings
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Destined is Joe Bongiorno’s second release of original solo piano pieces. It was almost four years between albums, and it was definitely worth the wait! Bongiorno’s composing and playing styles have matured tremendously. The eleven pieces are built around themes of love, friendship, and family, imbuing the album with a warm and contented glow. A Seattle-based pianist, Bongiorno frequently plays and DJ’s for weddings, so it seems that this man is a real romantic who enjoys being a part of other people’s joyful occasions as well as experiencing his own. As the name of the label, Mellow Sounds Recordings, implies, the music is peaceful, and there are no hard edges. The pieces are quietly passionate and optimistic, making the listening experience a very calming and uplifting one.

My favorite track is “Your Time,” a tender love song that has a singular grace and elegance. Slightly bittersweet in places, this is a really beautiful and deeply-felt piece. “To Be Held” has the same graceful quality, but is a bit more on the wistful side - very serene. “Her Tender Heart” features Maxxine Smith on flute, giving the piece a very ethereal feeling - also a highlight on this album! “Becoming One” is also exceptional - very romantic and tranquil. “A Little Somethin’ Special” is a tribute to Bongiorno’s daughter, Katie, and is completely carefree and full of sunshine - a great way to end a delightful album!

Destined is a great album for a romantic dinner, for unwinding or reading, or just to sit back and enjoy. Song samples and ordering information are at www.mellowsounds.com. It’s a real treat!
June 3, 2004
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