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Album Review: Flight of a Dream
Joe Bongiorno
Cover image of the album Flight of a Dream by Joe Bongiorno
Flight of a Dream
Joe Bongiorno
2013 / Piano Haven
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Flight of a Dream is Joe Bongiorno’s eighth solo piano album and contains some of his best work yet. Eleven of the CD’s twelve tracks are new original piano solos, plus a bonus track available only on the CD or for download from Joe’s website. The music on this album is built on Bongiorno’s signature “mellow sounds,” but his composing has matured a bit with a more sophisticated style that never loses its warmth, immediacy, and sincerity. Recorded at his own Piano Haven Studio and on his own Shigeru Kawai SK7L concert grand, it is no surprise that the piano sound is gorgeous - crystal clear, but never overly bright. It is certainly worth mentioning that Flight of a Dream has been nominated for Whisperings Radio Album of the Year. It will very likely be one of my Favorites for 2013, too.

The album begins with the beautiful “Awaking Moment,” a piece that overflows with warmth, contentment, and the anticipation of a new day. “Come Home to Me” is a bit more introspective. Tinged with longing, love permeates every note. “The End of the Road (Mabel’s Song)” was inspired by a visit with an elderly woman who rang Joe’s doorbell one morning looking for her friend who had lived in Joe’s house in Arizona before they moved in. Joe had to tell her that her friend had died, and that emotional experience yielded this wonderful piece - one of the most poignant Bongiorno has ever written. If you can listen to this piece without being moved, something is definitely amiss! The title song swings the mood back up to hopeful and looking forward. I love Joe’s quote in the liner notes of the CD - “Living your dream is an unpredictable adventure, never going just as planned, but a rewarding find once discovered. Embrace the Flight of a Dream every which way it turns. Just remember, you must stay on board in order to arrive...” - which conveys the spirit of the piece (and the album). I also love the leisurely, meditative flow of “Emerald Hills,” with its darker, more introspective mood. “Eternal Summer” is as soft and sweet as a gentle breeze, expressing optimism and joy. “Feeling the Distance” is an affecting and heartfelt song that expresses loss and loneliness but isn’t without hope - another favorite. “Daydreaming” is light, playful and, well, dreamy! “A Wonderful Rainbow” was a happy surprise! It begins in the middle of the chorus of “Over the Rainbow,” played gently in the upper range of the piano. The main part of the song follows, beautiful and heartfelt. When it segues into “What a Wonderful World,” a big smile results, as that’s another favorite song of mine. Joe’s arrangement is perfect. Again, this track is only available on the CD or from Joe’s site.

Joe Bongiorno has hit this one out of the ballpark! Flight of a Dream is spectacular and available from joebongiorno.com, Amazon and iTunes. Very highly recommended!!!
October 21, 2013
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