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Album Review: Forever More
Joe Bongiorno
Cover image of the album Forever More by Joe Bongiorno
Forever More
Joe Bongiorno
2012 / Piano Haven
66 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Forever More is Joe Bongiorno’s solo piano retrospective of music from the years 2001-2011. The fifteen songs come from Joe’s six previously-released albums and one new piece composed for this collection. Rather than simply reusing the tracks from the original albums, Bongiorno re-recorded nine of the songs so that they would have a fresh take as well as a beautifully consistent sound. Bongiorno’s Piano Haven Studio is well-known for the wonderful sound quality of its piano recordings, and this is certainly no exception. The back cover of the CD calls this “The most intimate solo piano, GLASS OF WINE and CANDLELIGHT music,” and I would have to agree. Bongiorno often wears his heart on his proverbial musical sleeve, expressing himself soulfully and with deep feeling. He is also Mr. MellowSounds, so most of his music is optimistic and peaceful, making it great music for relaxation, a warm and romantic atmosphere, and pure listening enjoyment. Forever More is available from www.solopianomusic.com, Amazon, and iTunes. Very highly recommended.
December 18, 2012