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Album Review: Relaxing Melodies of Nature
Kenio Fuke
Cover image of the album Relaxing Melodies of Nature by Kenio Fuke
Relaxing Melodies of Nature
Kenio Fuke
2011 / Real Music
62 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Relaxing Melodies of Nature is Brazilian-born composer Kenio Fuke’s debut on the Real Music label. (He has released several CDs previously on other labels, mostly imports.) A classically-trained pianist, composer, and conductor, Fuke’s music is a perfect fit for Real Music’s high recording standards and legacy of relaxing, soothing, and often nature-based music. Birds, water, and other natural sounds run through the piano-based music, accompanied by strings, keyboards, and an assortment of orchestral instruments. I hear shades of early Kevin Kern in some of the music, but Fuke’s style is his own. (I mention Kevin only because if you love his music, it is a pretty sure bet that you’ll love Kenio Fuke’s, too.) Two tracks from this album also appear on Namaste’ Massage, which was released earlier this year by Real Music, and which piqued my curiosity about this very promising emerging artist. Listening to a full hour of Fuke’s music is akin to a gentle massage for the mind and soul, uplifting the spirit and replacing jangled nerves with warm, positive energy.

Relaxing Melodies of Nature begins with “Song for Kiara,” a delicate and loving piece with ocean sounds in the background. The piano melody is simple and sincere, with strings adding washes of pastel color. A lovely opening! “Summer’s Love” is a favorite. A slow, graceful melody is shared by piano and cello, creating a sensual duet that is beyond beautiful. “Espheras” shimmers as birds sing cheerfully in the background. “Infinite Love” is again cello and piano with additional string washes, and is tranquility set to music. “Spirit of the Water” is a bit more orchestrated, but ever so gently. This is water at its most peaceful, not a stormy sea - gorgeous. “Magical Land” overflows with wonder and dreamy fluidity - sure to be a classic. “Enchanted Forest” incorporates a touch of mystery to its magical dreamworld. There are no threats, just delightful surprises as you move slowly through the landscape. Oboe and keyboard sounds convey wonder and beauty. “Soul” closes the album with a smooth and captivating piece for piano, strings, and keyboard washes over birds singing. By this time, you should be feeling very refreshed and renewed. I do!

Relaxing Melodies of Nature is a delight from start to finish, so if you are looking for soothing music to savor and relax with, check this one out! It is available wherever Real Music releases are sold. Recommended!
September 6, 2011
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