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Album Review: Spirit of Nature
Kenio Fuke
Cover image of the album Spirit of Nature by Kenio Fuke
Spirit of Nature
Kenio Fuke
2011 / Real Music
65 minutes
Review by Michael Debbage
The Brazilian pianist Kenio Fuke has followed up his Real Music debut with the impressive Spirit of Nature and once again he presents his listeners with his sophisticated, stylish and subtle playing. And no better place to find this but on the opening track “Soul Shine” and better yet no sign of Mother Nature’s sound effects. Unfortunately she appears on the second track and revisits throughout the album though not quite to the same degree as Fuke’s debut.

Once again, the effects of nature do not enhance Fuke’s music but actually detract from the listening experience. Fuke’s music can and should stand alone as the music brings its own beauty so much so that he needs no assistance from Mother Nature. Once again Fuke has delivered a beautiful album only to be watered down by its accompanying sound effects.
August 12, 2012
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