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Album Review: Spirit of Nature
Kenio Fuke
Cover image of the album Spirit of Nature by Kenio Fuke
Spirit of Nature
Kenio Fuke
2012 / Real Music
65 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Spirit of Nature is Kenio Fuke’s second solo release on the Real Music label, and what a beauty it is! Combining nature sounds with his soothing original music, Fuke has created more than an hour of gentle, uplifting music designed to bring balance and harmony for the mind, body and spirit. A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Fuke began his music studies and training as a child on harmonica, followed by guitar, piano, and other orchestral instruments. His training continued at the Dramatic and Musical Conservatory of Sao Paulo, where he graduated as a classical pianist, composer, and conductor. Fuke’s depth of understanding of music gives him the freedom to keep his own compositions simple while overflowing with emotion and peaceful, colorful images. The instrumentation includes piano, guitar, strings, synthesizer, and various orchestral sounds. The sound quality of Real Music releases is always amazing and this one is no exception.

Spirit of Nature begins with “Soul Shine,” a dreamy little piece for piano and guitar that immediately provides a breath of fresh air. About two minutes into the piece, it becomes more orchestrated with flute and strings filling out the gentle ensemble. “Secrets of Life” begins with the sounds of birds singing behind a lovely, tranquil piano. As the piece evolves, strings and guitar bring additional depth and meaning to the quiet melody. “Dolphin Island” paints a serene picture of warm sunshine and peaceful waters with no stress to be found anywhere. “My Life” becomes a bit more introspective and ambient, with ethereal sounds behind the fluid, floating melody. “Morning Dew” is as cool and refreshing as its title implies. Graceful piano, cello, and guitar backed by pastel string washes make this one a favorite. I also really like the peaceful simplicity of “A New Time,” a trio for piano, cello, and flute with light string accompaniment. I love the changes from major to minor modes and back in “Source of Life,” another favorite. “Rising Sun” conveys warmth and the promise of a new beginning - so evocative and so lovely! “Sea and Stars” closes the album with the sound of the ocean behind piano, cello, and string washes. If all your stresses and cares haven’t at least temporarily dissolved by now, repeat as necessary!

Spirit of Nature is a very impressive second effort by Kenio Fuke. Kevin Kern’s many fans will find much to enjoy in this music. It is available now from Real Music and will have its official release date on August 28, 2012. Recommended!
July 31, 2012
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