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Album Review: Life Between the Lines
Laurie Z.
Cover image of the album Life Between the Lines by Laurie Z.
Life Between the Lines
Laurie Z.
1995 / Zebra Productions
45 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
I first discovered Laurie Z.’s music on her solo piano album, Roots, which I love, and then worked my way backwards to her earlier work. All three albums are very different from each other, but all showcase Laurie’s passion and love for what she is doing. An innovator at heart, Laurie is also a master at improvisation who always creates new music in concert from audience members’ suggestions for subject and key signature. Always on the move, Laurie tours all over the country doing concerts in halls, clubs, music stores, book stores, and outdoor festivals. For many of these festivals, Laurie performs with her band, and the band is included along with Laurie’s assorted synthesizers on Life Between the Lines.

This CD includes some of my all-time favorite Laurie-tunes - the title song with its classical/rock dichotomy, the tragic “From the Diary of a Redhead,” “The Mayan Wavelength,” “Trouble in Paradise,” “The Time Dance,” the funky “A Change of Heart,” as well as one of Laurie’s signature pieces, “My Perfect Love.” This is truly one of my favorite albums and one of my favorite artists!
September 15, 1998