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Album Review: Window To the World
Laurie Z.
Cover image of the album Window To the World by Laurie Z.
Window To the World
Laurie Z.
1989 / Zebra Productions
54 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Laurie Z.’s first solo album is a fascinating study of both her earlier compositions and the keyboard technology that was available in the late 80’s. The CD opens with the buoyant and somewhat-funky “The Explorer” - upbeat and fun! “A Reflection of Ourselves” is amazing - I couldn’t believe it when I learned that the guitar is actually synth - a feat accomplished by great sampling AND keeping the playing within a guitar’s realistic tonal range. Technical aspects aside, this is a beautiful piece! “It’s a Jungle In Here” is also a lot of fun with a catchy percussion track and a great combination of synth voices. The title track is a real favorite - a sweet little intro breaks into toe-tapping rhythm and a terrific melody that combines rock and funk elements. I also love “City Lights” - an R&B/jazz number that is mind-blowing from the fact that one woman did all of the sounds on synth - a little red-headed soul! Laurie Z. is one of my favorite artists, and this first CD is a very important part of her musical evolution. Highly recommended!
March 31, 1998
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