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Album Review: Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal
Lia Scallon
Cover image of the album Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal by Lia Scallon
Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal
Lia Scallon
2011 / Sounds of Sirius
66 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Crystal Keys: Songs to Awaken and Heal is the ninth release from Irish-born new age singer/songwriter Lia Scallon. Singing and chanting in her own “Language of Light,” Scallon tells of the healing energy within each of ten Master Crystals, giving each of these crystals their own track on the album. Scallon says that these songs carry coded Messages of Light from the crystal kingdom which have the power to unlock the doorways to your heart and soul, helping the listener to awaken and heal at the deepest levels. “In ancient times, these Light codes were available in the sacred sound chambers of Egypt and the legendary Crystal Healing Temples of Atlantis and Lemuria, where priests and priestesses used sacred sound to unlock the healing energies, information, and Light held within the crystalline realms.” Scallon’s goal with this recording is to make these crystal Codes of Light available to us again. I have to admit that this is all a bit over my head, but I’ve been enjoying the music nevertheless. Scallon’s voice is strong yet soothing, and her melodies are graceful and often compelling. She is accompanied by an impressive group of musicians that includes David Jones on Alchemy Crystal bowls, kalimba, drone, Indian bells, Tibetan bowls, floor tom, gongs, and Om chimes; Mark Mannock on keyboards and piano; David Hudson on didgeridoo; and Nigel Pegrum on flute and keyboards. The liner notes include an insert that quotes each of the Crystal Masters, telling their stories - a very impressive package.

The first crystal to “speak” is “Pearl,” representing innocence and purification. Ethereal and uncomplicated, it’s a truly refreshing piece that includes a rhyming poem in the middle spoken in Scallon’s mysterious language. “Sapphire” brings truth, peace, and calm, and its song is also very soothing. “Amethyst” represents humility, and Scallon’s voice reaches to the heavens in this one supported by minimal accompaniment from the other musicians. “Clear Quartz” represents light embodied, and this song is hauntingly beautiful. Piano and keyboard washes add color and depth to the almost mournful vocals. “Ruby” is the spiritual warrior, and this piece is strong and passionate. “Diamond,” light body, has a very spiritual song that is accompanied by the ringing of bowls. Very hushed and understated, listeners should be in a very deep state of relaxation as the album comes to a close.

Crystal Keys is a very interesting and enlightening musical journey. It is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby, and soundsofsirius.com. Check it out!
August 23, 2011
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