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Album Review: The Luminous Pearl
Lia Scallon
Cover image of the album The Luminous Pearl by Lia Scallon
The Luminous Pearl
Lia Scallon
2013 / Sounds of Sirius
72 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Luminous Pearl is Lia Scallon’s tenth release on the Sounds of Sirius label. Using her hypnotic voice to sing and chant in her own “Language of Light,” Scallon tells the story of “The Legendary Luminous Pearl,” also known as “The Dragon’s Pearl.” Since ancient times in China, this pearl has represented the “sacred pearl of wisdom” as well as truth and the life force of creation. It is believed that touching a Luminous Pearl will bring one great prosperity and good fortune. Scallon became caretaker of this sacred gem in the fall of 2012 when the previous caretaker, an 80-year-old female Taoist Shaman from a remote village in Western China, sought a new guardian via a collector in Hong Kong. It is mandated that the Luminous Pearl must remain in the hands of a female who will use it to heal herself and others. The Shaman told the collector that the Pearl absorbs energy by day and releases it at night with a luminous glow that she referred to as The Language of Light. The collector returned to his office to find a package with Scallon’s CDs in his mailbox and was astonished to read that Scallon calls her musical language “The Language of Light.” He felt it was a clear sign that Scallon should become the new caretaker of the pearl and the Shaman agreed. Luminous Pearls are actually a very rare form of fluorite crystal that emits an otherworldly glow in the dark.

About six weeks after receiving the Pearl, Scallon received “imperative guidance” to begin recording a new album on the Alpha/Omega date of 21/12/12. She was “told” that “the transformative, universal energies downloaded during this once-in-26,000 year time would be anchored and embedded into the music, for people throughout the world to access long into the future” (quoted from the liner notes). The Luminous Pearl was present in the recording studio, radiating its powerful essence on the musicians and now through the light frequencies of these sacred “Luminous” songs.

In addition to Lia Scallon’s vocals and light percussion are Nigel Pegrum on flute, percussion, and additional keyboards; Mark Mannock on grand piano and keyboards; David Hudson on didgeridoo and Aboriginal backing vocals; Ben Hakalitz on drums; Simon McMenamin on violin, viola, and mandolin; and Will Kepa, Dave Dow, Danny Bani, and Brett Charles providing backing vocals.

Scallon says in the liner notes: “It is my dearest wish that these Songs of Mystery, Beauty and Light awaken the luminous pearl of love within your soul.” Most of the music is on the quiet, subtle side, with some pieces more intense and rhythmic than others. This music for enlightenment rather than entertainment (although it is very lovely to listen to), presented in a beautiful package that tells a fascinating story. The Luminous Pearl is available from soundsofsirius.com, Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes.
May 22, 2013
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