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Album Review: Invisible Light
Lia Scallon
Cover image of the album Invisible Light by Lia Scallon
Invisible Light
Lia Scallon
2020 / Sounds of Sirius
31 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Invisible Light is an album of music created in response to the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. It offers “comfort and reassurance at a time of great fear and isolation. It reminds us that, even when faced with the most difficult challenge, the Human Spirit prevails.” (quoted from the album cover.) A gift from Lia Scallon, the MP3 can be downloaded for free in many places on the internet.

Invisible Light is Scallon’s twelfth album in her Sounds of Sirius series of healing songs. She describes the album: “The Trilogy of Light Language songs that comprise Invisible Light, takes us on a journey through the challenge towards the Light. By helping to restore a sense of hope and balance, this musical experience empowers us to move forward with the vision of a benevolent future ahead for ourselves and all of Planet Earth.”

Lia Scallon was born and raised in Ireland and now lives near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. She has been recording Light Language songs for healing for more than twenty years and has won many awards for her music. Along with Lia’s ethereal vocals, Simon McMenamin appears on violin and viola, Kirk Steel on main keyboards, David Hudson on didgeridoo and Nigel Pegrum on flute percussion and keyboards.

Invisible Light is made up of three spoken preludes (with music in the background), three Light Language songs, a spoken epilogue, and a 3+ minute profile about Lia Scallon at the end. “Prelude 1” sets the scene for the music and explains its meaning and purpose. The first song, “Primal Cry” begins in a very dark, unsettling place. Scallon’s voice seems to break through the darkness while expressing despair and an overwhelming sense of loss and fear. Violin and didgeridoo also provide very contrasting “voices” that give this piece an emotional power that goes right to the heart. “Prelude 2” takes us to the next level, one of hope and trust. “Light Emerging” is much more soothing and calming with Lia’s voice, ambient keyboard sounds, and gentle viola and flute moving us through the crisis, toward a new beginning. “Prelude 3” brings us to the last song of the Trilogy, “Renewal.” Much lighter and more uplifting, it tells of a fresh start and a chance for Mother Earth to rest after surviving the pandemic. The music in this song feels much like the freshness of a spring breeze and the emergence of new life. The “Epilogue” is a brief summary to help move us forward. In the profile after the Trilogy, Lia Scallon tells a bit about her other music and her website.

While there is a wealth of new music being created regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Lia Scallon offers her unique voice, language and vision with Invisible Light. It is available as a free download from www.SoundsOfSirius.com, for sale on Amazon and iTunes, and for streaming on many sites such as Spotify.
June 29, 2020
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