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Album Review: Echoes of Life
Lynn Tredeau
Cover image of the album Echoes of Life by Lynn Tredeau
Echoes of Life
Lynn Tredeau
2015 / Lynn Tredeau
45 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Echoes of Life is the debut recording of pianist/composer Lynn Tredeau, who started playing the piano at the age of six. As an adult, she taught piano for about fifteen years, sharing her love of music with others. To quote her: “Every song tells a story. I have spent a lifetime playing and loving other peoples stories. Now it is time for me to share my life through my music.” Recorded on a 5’7” Diapason grand piano, the twelve original tracks reflect on loved ones, hiking in the mountains, playing with grandchildren, the beauty of a sunrise or gently falling snow (among other things). All of the pieces are gentle, melodic and very accessible. There is nothing flashy (NOT a criticism!) about these compositions, as Tredeau’s deepest hope is that her music will allow others to reflect on life and revisit memories that mean the most to each listener. Some of the pieces have a quiet hymn-like quality that soothes and comforts. It’s a lovely collection of new music that works well for concentrated listening, relaxing or to have in the background.

Echoes of Life begins with “Beyond the Veil,” a tribute to and remembrance of Tredeau’s late parents. The flowing melody expresses love and a heartfelt sense of longing - a favorite. “Pines Dressed in Winter” paints a beautiful picture of a walk in the woods with gently falling snow. There are no hard edges in this piece - just quiet softness and peacefulness. “Please Remember” reflects on the heartbreak of Alzheimer’s and seeing a beloved parent lose memories and recognition of those she spent a lifetime loving - a deeply affecting piece. “The Long Journey Home” tells the parallel stories of a long-distance move Tredeau and her husband made to Idaho as well as the journey of life “that brings us home to Heaven.” “Dancing in the Tall, Tall Grass” is another favorite and is about Tredeau watching her grandchildren spinning joyfully in a field. This one reminds me a bit of some of Michele McLaughlin’s earlier music. The light and delicate “Flight” expresses the leisurely pace of birds gliding through the air. I also like the darker drama of “With Sun, Wind & Sand” and the way it expresses the energies and changes in all three of those entities. “Morning Promise” beautifully describes the peaceful anticipation and hopeful expectation that comes with the dawn of a new day.

Lynn Tredeau’s first album is a very promising start and I know her music will speak to many. Echoes of Life is available from Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby.
April 20, 2015
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