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Album Review: Fellowship of Solitude
Lynn Tredeau
Cover image of the album Fellowship of Solitude by Lynn Tredeau
Fellowship of Solitude
Lynn Tredeau
2018 / Heartdance Records
50 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Fellowship of Solitude is the fifth solo piano release from award-winning pianist/composer Lynn Tredeau. Based in Idaho, Tredeau’s music always has a soothing, spacious quality that is great for relaxing or to have in the background while working, having a nice meal or driving. As the title suggests, this collection of twelve original pieces reflects on the need most of us have for spending time alone to regroup and let things settle into place.

Lynn Tredeau’s musical endeavors began early with piano lessons starting when she was six. She also played flute, clarinet and saxophone in bands and orchestras at school and the pipe organ at her church. She was born and raised in Minnesota, and relocated to Alaska with her husband when they started their family. She later taught in the Seattle, WA area until she and her husband retired and moved to Idaho. Lynn released her debut album, Echoes of Life, in early 2015.

Fellowship of Solitude begins with the title track, which expresses the need for time alone to heal and rest. It is also a gentle reminder to take the time to recharge yourself so you can be there for someone else. Slow and peaceful with a gracefully-flowing left hand and a simple melody on the right, it sets the relaxing tone of the album. “Traces of Daylight” could be inspired by the pastel colors of dawn or early evening, and again has gently rolling chords on the left hand and an uncomplicated melody on the right. “Land of Forgotten Dreams” is wistful and melancholy, remembering the childhood dreams that were abandoned and the realization that those dreams will never come true. “Love Leaves a Memory” is both poignant and warm, reflecting on happy times from the past - very light and hopeful. “What Hides in the Dark” is my favorite piece on the album. It was inspired by “the desire to keep our skeletons in our closet” - the part of us that is shared with only a few trusted others. Darker and more mysterious than the other pieces, this one really intrigues me and catches my attention whenever I hear it. “Afternoon Reflection” has a strong classical influence - perhaps Mendelssohn’s “Songs Without Words” - and expresses the peace the comes from even a short period of time spent thinking pleasant thoughts. I love “The Time Machine.” I don’t know what inspired it, but it feels like heartfelt emotions set to a slow waltz tempo - obviously another favorite! “Life is in the Journey” reflects on life being a process and a journey, and that every day brings brings something new. The closing track, “Purple Fog,” is quite different from the other eleven pieces. Much darker and somewhat more unstructured, it’s a beautiful depiction of the soft, rolling quality of dense fog as it softens the edges of everything it touches. I really like this one, too!

I really think Fellowship of Solitude is Lynn Tredeau’s best album yet! It is available from www.LynnTredeau.com, Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Highly recommended for a peaceful and relaxing hour (almost) of solo piano.
August 1, 2018
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