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Album Review: Reflection
Lynn Tredeau
Cover image of the album Reflection by Lynn Tredeau
Lynn Tredeau
2022 / Heart Dance Records
42 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Reflection is the eighth solo piano album (plus several singles) from award-winning pianist/composer Lynn Tredeau. The twelve original tracks reflect on a variety of places and life events and are expressed in a quiet, soothing style that invites listeners to reflect on their own thoughts and memories. A pianist from early childhood on, Lynn has a velvety, expressive touch on the piano keys that perfectly suits this gentle, dreamy music.

Quoting Lynn: "For me, music is a journey of discovery and remembrance. It allows me to reflect on my life in the past, present and future. Sometimes it is meditation and sometimes prayer, but always a 'Reflection.' Sitting at my piano gives me time to think. It provides comfort, encouragement and is an expression of joy. I hope this collection of music helps you reflect on your own journey."

Reflection begins with "Tide Pools," tranquility set to music. Never in a hurry, for me it describes the wonder of discovering the various creatures and plants that live just under the ocean's surface when a low tide makes them accessible. Heartfelt and full of hope, "Someday, Somehow" is the soundtrack to a lovely daydream that the dreamer wants to come true. My guess is that "What the Rain Said" was inspired by a spring shower rather than a full-blown storm since the music is very peaceful and delicate. "Dreaming Tree" provides the perfect setting for a pleasant daydream or two - soft, warm and comfortable. Relaxed with a strong feeling of contentment, "Meandering" is in no hurry and doesn't really care which direction it should go - it just wants to wander for a bit. "Deep in the Forest" is my favorite track on the album. Slightly mysterious and otherworldly, Lynn uses the damper pedal to create an echoing atmospheric effect that really works for this piece. Who hasn't reflected on the passage of time and how quickly life seems to move ahead? "The Passing of Time," however, moves slowly and gently, giving pause to think about what has gone before as well as what's ahead. "Nomad" is also on the darker side, telling a bittersweet story that becomes bigger and more dramatic near the end - I really like this one, too! "Washed Away" has a gently rolling left hand rhythm that supports the wistful, melancholy melody. For me, the piece feels like being in very deep thought as it moves along slowly, occasionally pausing to regroup and then continue on - another favorite. "Celebration" is more upbeat, but maintains a quiet, easy spirit that soothes as it uplifts, bringing the album to a close.

Reflection is a beautiful album for studying, winding down, stress relief, inducing daydreams and/or sleep, and simply to enjoy. It is available on Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and many streaming platforms including Spotify.
June 1, 2022
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