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Album Review: Mystery Dancer (single)
Peter Calandra
Cover image of the album Mystery Dancer (single) by Peter Calandra
Mystery Dancer (single)
Peter Calandra
2022 / PCM
6 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Mystery Dancer" is a jazzy solo piano single in Peter Calandra's continuing series of piano singles. He has been releasing at least two singles per month for almost a year, and the series reflects Peter's remarkable versatility as well as his mastery of all things keyboard. By refusing to allow his music to be limited to specific genres or styles, Peter has freed himself to develop a style all his own which encompasses elements of jazz, contemporary classical, new age, blues, ambient, film and television soundtracks and pop into his music.

"Mystery Dancer" has a light-hearted, upbeat style, and much of the piece reflects the freedom of improvisation and of being fully in the moment. Sparkling and full of movement, I think it would be difficult to decide if the dancer inspired the pianist or vice-verse - and it doesn't matter a bit! What we have here is almost six minutes of delightful solo piano that just feels good! Need a lift? Give this one a try!

"Mystery Dancer" is available from Amazon, Apple/iTunes and streaming sites such as Spotify. Highly recommended!
September 1, 2022
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