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Album Review: The Gambit (single)
Peter Calandra
Cover image of the album The Gambit (single) by Peter Calandra
The Gambit (single)
Peter Calandra
2023 / PCM
4 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"The Gambit" is a gorgeous solo piano single from composer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Calandra, an artist who can do it all and does it all exceptionally well. Both introspective and soothing, the piece expresses the freedom and spontaneity of improvisation, giving the music the feeling of an open and honest conversation with a close friend (my interpretation). Peter also created a music video for the piece which has vivid and colorful views of New York City as well as of Peter playing the piano mostly in the shadows so that the focus is on his hands and the piano keyboard. "The Gambit" is another great single from one of my favorite artists!

"The Gambit" is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and the various streaming sites, including Spotify. Very highly recommended!
March 30, 2023
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