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Album Review: Five Ways (single)
Pete Calandra and Straight Up
Cover image of the album Five Ways (single) by Pete Calandra and Straight Up
Five Ways (single)
Pete Calandra and Straight Up
2023 / PCM
7 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Five Ways" is a great smooth jazz single from Pete Calandra and Straight Up! Composed by Calandra, the single features Pete on piano along with Dale Kleps on tenor sax, Stomu Takeishi on fretless bass guitar, and Howard Joines on drums. Recorded live to 2-track, the music feels very alive and spontaneous, and at almost seven minutes, it has time to gradually evolve and give each of the excellent musicians a chance to shine. Laid-back yet spirited, the easy groove is compelling and just makes you feel good! Can't ask for more than that!

"Five Ways" is available from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming platforms including Spotify. Very highly recommended!
December 1, 2023
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