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Album Review: Comfort Music 1
Real Music Compilations
Cover image of the album Comfort Music 1 by Real Music Compilations
Comfort Music 1
Real Music Compilations
2004 / Real Music
53 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Comfort Music 1 is another beautiful compilation of soothing music from Real Music. Guitars are featured prominently on most of the tracks, but there are also flutes, keyboards, voices, and other instruments. Many of the tracks come from previously-released albums from Real Music, but there are a few “guest” artists as well. Terence Yallop at Real is a “real” master at assembling compilations that work on a variety of levels, creating a blissful mood without getting sugary. Artists include Back to Earth (the only artists on “Comfort Music 2”), Gandalf, Nicholas Gunn, 2002, Govi, Russel Walder, Bernward Koch, Johannes Linstead, and Kevin Kern, and Tim Wheater. Warm and optimistic, the CD is gently uplifting and provides a nice massage for the mind. A very nice addition to any collection.
September 2, 2004
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