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Album Review: Cheers!
Serge Mazerand
Cover image of the album Cheers! by Serge Mazerand
Serge Mazerand
2006 / Serge Mazerand
56 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Cheers! is a collection of twelve original solo piano compositions and improvisations by Serge Mazerand that celebrate wine. A bit more jazzy than his earlier “Enchanted River,” the mood of the album is peaceful, warm, and relaxed. Other than the sound of a popping cork and pouring champagne at the beginning of the CD, there are no sound effects this time - just pure, soulful piano music that will calm, cheer, and soothe. Mazerand’s effortless and elegant playing style hints at maturity and experience, and he has obviously played for a lot of romantic, candlelit dinners.

Cheers! opens with the aforementioned popping champagne cork and a piece appropriately titled “Effervescence.” Sparkling and joyful, Mazerand’s hands dance all over the piano keys. “By Candlelight” slows to a warm, sensuous tempo, and paints a scene of romance. “Harvest Moon” has an easy, graceful elegance that I really like. Unhurried and unstructured, it is a beautiful essence. “In a Merlot Mood” is another favorite. Smooth and velvety, and oh so mellow. Yum! “Wine Tears” is passionate, melancholy, and a bit darker than most of the other pieces - poignant and touching. “Time in a Bottle” isn’t a cover of the Jim Croce classic, but a reflective wish that we could age as well as some fine wines do. Pensive and full of grace, it’s a lovely close to an impressive salute to wine and its magic.

Cheers! is available from keystoserenity.com and cdbaby.com. Enjoy!
February 12, 2007
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