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Album Review: Reverie
Serge Mazerand
Cover image of the album Reverie by Serge Mazerand
Serge Mazerand
2008 / Keys To Serenity
58 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Reverie is Serge Mazerand’s fifth release and third CD of relaxing piano improvisations. The music was inspired and created between Christmas and New Year’s Eve of 2007 in Mazerand’s home studio in the Bulkey Valley in British Columbia, which overlooks the river. Watching the river slowly become more narrow and dark as the snow built up on its banks, Mazerand became very reflective about the flow of his own life. Feelings of melancholy and nostalgia come through the beautiful music, but overall, there is the feeling of peace and acceptance. The piano solos are gorgeous - an effortless stream of consciousness that soothes and caresses the mind. Several of the pieces have keyboard voices added which are lovely as long as they stay within the range of the human voice. Sometimes they get too high in pitch and then they sound more like an organ. (I experienced this with the keyboard I used with my piano students. The voices and sampled instruments sounded good until you got outside the range of that instrument, and then they became distorted.) I found this a bit distracting and would have been completely happy with just the piano, but others might not hear it in the same way. With that small criticism aside, this is an excellent CD.

The CD begins with “Sleepy River,” a gently flowing piece that is tinged with dark melancholy. “Winter Moon” paints a picture of stillness and of moonlight reflected off the sparkling snow. Very quiet and subdued, creating a portrait of peace. “Wondering” sustains the mood of quiet reflection with a hint of jazz for spice - an exquisite piano solo. “Illusions” goes a shade darker, but is still very flowing and peaceful. "Drifitng Along” feels like a daydream or a “reverie” - very magical and carefree, but oh so dreamy! This is a favorite. ”Eternal Cycle” is very warm and graceful, and the piano is especially beautiful - no need for the keyboard at all. “Bright Waters” picks up the pace a little with a bit of smooth jazz that just rolls off the fingertips as it tells its story. “Full Circle” is very deeply reflective and melancholy - an absolutely gorgeous ending.

Reverie is a winter’s dream set to music. It is available from keystoserenity.com and keystoserenity.com. Recommended for meditation, relaxation, and de-stressing.
May 17, 2008
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