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Album Review: Slow Motion
Thierry David
Cover image of the album Slow Motion by Thierry David
Slow Motion
Thierry David
2021 / K-Vox
51 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Slow Motion is the very impressive 26th album from French composer and multi-instrumentalist Thierry David. Very well-versed in classical music and jazz as well as commercial music, David takes us on an ambient musical journey to a soothing place of peace and healing. From his website: "2021. In this twilight period made up of fears of the Unknown, Thierry David's album brings us back to fundamental values by wrapping us with universal and restorative benevolence. This new opus made up of seven evolving tracks, sensually and spiritually takes us in a slow generative and soothing convolution." The seven beautiful tracks on the album were created, performed and arranged by Thierry David. Steve Shehan, a longtime collaborator, plays brushes, afuche, angklungs, cymbalettes, and cymbals. David explains his approach to his music: "In my creative process, I always strive to create an imaginary universe allowing the listener to plunge into an intimate atmosphere conducive to meditation, peace and serenity."

Ambient music is often associated with "space music" and/or music that is atmospheric and without a strong melody, and those sub-genres play a big part in Thierry David's music, too, but one of the things that sets David's music apart from many of the other artists in this genre is his use of rhythms and "groove" patterns. His music can easily slip into the background but it is hypnotic and consistently interesting when listening with full attention. The seven tracks on Slow Motion range from about 5 1/2 minutes to 9 1/2, giving the music time to explore and evolve, and the album flows very smoothly from one track to the next without a jolting change is musical styles.

Slow Motion begins with "Convolutions," a piece that features electric guitars, bass and atmospheric keyboard sounds. The strong rhythms are a fascinating contrast to the other layered instruments and allow the listener to focus on different components in the music. "Wild Hope" begins with the sound of a heavy rainfall before the slow but driving rhythm enters along with keyboards and ethereal wordless vocals - a mesmerizing mind massage! As its name suggests, the title track moves slowly and effortlessly, creating a mysterious feeling without any sense of danger or threat - you are floating on a dark wave of sound. "Diamond Drops" returns to a strong groove behind the piano/keyboard-based instrumentation. Not quite jazz and not quite new age, it moves at its own leisurely pace. "Weightless Keys" has the magical feeling of drifting along on a fluffy cloud without a worry in the world. Piano/keyboard, strings and the gently pulsing rhythm combine to create a dreamy space with no fear, hate or anger. Feel free to return any time you'd like!

Slow Motion is widely available including Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify. Links will be added as they become available.
March 5, 2021
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