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Album Review: The Weight of Time
Timothy Davey
Cover image of the album The Weight of Time by Timothy Davey
The Weight of Time
Timothy Davey
2008 / Lying Down Music
46 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
The Weight of Time is Timothy Davey’s third solo piano album, and I think it’s his best work yet. Encompassing a wide variety of musical moods and playing styles, each of the fourteen tracks is a keeper - no filler at all! Often a bit more complex than most “new age” pianists, Davey’s music has always been in a category of its own. There are some extraordinarily beautiful ballads on this CD, but there is also some “down and dirty” blues, jazz, and just great original solo piano music. The strong influence of bluegrass guitar gives Davey’s music a different flavor, as does his Australian heritage, but his music is neither American nor Australian, proving once again the universality of music. The accompanying 32-page booklet contains an assortment of Davey’s thoughts on the music and life itself, as well as photographs to go with the music. It’s an outstanding package and a work of art.

The inspiration for The Weight of Time came from a pocket watch Davey inherited from his father. The watch is heavy and has a strong ticking (like a heart) which became part of the recording. Reminding of the passage of time, the watch serves as a link to the past, present, and future. The opening of the title track is on the quiet and pensive side, later almost exploding with exuberance, and returning to the original theme - very effective! “Only The Lover Sings” is a beautiful ballad whose strong melody expresses several different moods, never afraid to show tenderness or passion. The CD contains four “Windmill Interludes,” improvisations conceived as a single piece played in one-minute segments and placed in different parts of the album, depending on colors and styles of each segment - marvelous vignettes! “Over the Back Fence” is a nostalgic look at childhood adventure and innocence. I’m always fascinated by how well the piano describes rain, and “Dreams of Rain” is another fine example. Percussive yet flowing, and gentle then chaotic - a great piece! The middle section of the CD is very upbeat and bluesy, and shows Davey’s range as a pianist. “Cranky Britches” is a playful romp and one of my favorites. I woke up to it several times and got out of bed with a big smile on my face! “Achille’s Blues” continues in the blues style, but is much slinkier - I love this one, too! “I Have a Notion” is my other favorite. The exquisite melody is simple, played with emotion that comes straight from the heart - destined to become a classic! “Not So Long Ago (When Things Were Better)” is a theme song for the current state of the world, telling a story and offering hope. “Rhythmicus” is loud and boisterous, letting off some steam. “Idyll” closes the CD on a peaceful note - freely flowing yet strong and passionate.

The Weight of Time is a great album and should bring Timothy Davey well-deserved recognition. Very highly recommended!
May 19, 2008
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