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Album Review: Uncovered Keys
Timothy Davey
Cover image of the album Uncovered Keys by Timothy Davey
Uncovered Keys
Timothy Davey
2001 / Lying Down Music
53 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Timothy Davey’s debut CD, Uncovered Keys is a good-natured collection of piano solos that range from a quiet lullaby to some upbeat, jazzy tunes that are fun and infectious. Davey is a school teacher from Australia, and some of his pieces (“Ubiquity” and “Cold Luck”, for example) contain that feeling of open space so prevalent in the music of Philip Aaberg and George Winston. The music is immediately accessible but complex enough to remain interesting and very enjoyable over many listenings.

Some of my favorites are “Caterpillar Crawl”, which reminds me a bit of Liz Story’s “Solid Colors” in its rhythmic patterns and sense of fun. A Leo Kottke-influenced boogie-type piece, this one gets better the more you listen to it and let it capture your imagination. “Into the Quiet” is a lovely theme and variations. The theme is a bittersweet farewell to a beloved colleague and must have brought tears when it was presented. “Ubiquity” is a quiet and gentle piece played with tenderness and simplicity - very beautiful! “Everything’s Okay” is wistful and a bit melancholy, but has a feeling of hope and looking forward. “Late-night Conversation” has a dark, velvety feel - cozy and warm with strong classical influences (perhaps a touch of Chopin). I think my favorite piece in this collection is “Falling”. With an arpeggiated left hand and simple melody, this piece is captivating with its rubato rhythm. A feeling of drifting on a gentle breeze or floating on a cloud gives “Falling” a fluid, light-as-a feather style.

Uncovered Keys is a very impressive debut, and I recommend it to those who like a bit of complexity in their solo piano music. It is currently available from Timothy Davey by emailing him at timothyd@bigpond.com.au.
January 1, 2001
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