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Album Review: One
Todd Boston
Cover image of the album One by Todd Boston
Todd Boston
2017 / Gita Records
44 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
One is the anxiously-awaited follow-up to composer/multi-instrumentalist Todd Boston’s award-winning 2012 release, Touched By the Sun. Although several of the eleven tracks sound like ensemble performances, this is truly a solo album with Boston performing all of the instruments (a variety of guitars and percussion instruments, flutes, etc.) as well as composing, producing, recording and engineering the album. The guitar parts on two of the tracks were recorded during the making of Touched By the Sun at Will Ackerman’s Imaginary Road Studios and the album was mastered by Tom Eaton. Five years in the making, this acoustic new age/ world fusion music is gentle, peaceful and uplifting - a very welcome respite from the craziness of today’s world.

One begins with the title track, a short intro with flute, the sound of birds, and strings. “Fresh Strings” follows with acoustic guitar, bowed strings and slide guitar (and maybe a few more!) plus some light percussion - a very warm and friendly welcome! Instead of being “food of the gods, this “Ambrosia” is heavenly flute and guitar that is light and enveloping. “Astral Heart” combines the sounds of plucked and strummed strings with the grace of bamboo flute - a favorite. “She’s Home” is more on the ambient side - relaxed, spare, and very free. “Realization” is also a favorite. Its catchy rhythm and lighthearted movement reflect on the fact that “every thing is constantly changing.” (quoted from the liner notes) “Early Reflections” is more somber, dark and ambient. “Blue Pearl” is mostly acoustic guitar, with some bamboo flute and slide guitar for additional tonal color. Haunting and mysterious, it’s another favorite. Light and carefree, “Hawk Medicine” soars effortlessly. “Kalyan” returns to a more serene mood - open and very spare and then segues into the hypnotic closing track, “Dreamtime.”

As I mentioned above, One is a wonderful antidote to the craziness and fast pace of contemporary life. Like a long walk on the beach or in nature, everything just kind of settles down and the mind relaxes for the duration of the experience. One debuted in the Billboard Top Ten New Age Albums for October 2017, so expect to hear a lot more about this album! It is available from Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. Highly recommended!
November 19, 2017
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