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Album Review: Grateful (single)
Zsolt Pataki
Cover image of the album Grateful (single) by Zsolt Pataki
Grateful (single)
Zsolt Pataki
2024 / 6749399 Records DK
5 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Grateful" is a gorgeous and very heartfelt solo piano single by Zsolt Pataki. An artist living in Germany, Zsolt released his debut album, Safe In the Storm, about a month ago. In a recent post on Facebook, Zsolt introduced the piece and a video of him playing it. Quoting parts of that intro:

"After a long period of stagnation, in the last 1 month, suddenly so many incredibly good things happened to me one after another regarding my musical life, which is definitely a big step forward.... These fantastic, new happenings created such feelings in me that I felt it necessary to express them in the form of melodies on the piano. That's how my song 'Grateful' was born. With this piece, I would like to thank and express my gratitude to those valuable people who contributed in some way to my above-mentioned successes.... Through them I managed to find the musical path that I had always been looking for."

The music has a relaxed, gentle flow, but is obviously very deeply-felt. There are many pauses that allow room for reflection and add to the expressiveness of the music. I love this single as well as Zsolt's album and look forward to lots of new music coming from him soon!

"Grateful" can be streamed or downloaded from Amazon and Apple Music/iTunes, and is available on streaming platforms including Spotify. It's a treat for the ears as well as the soul, so be sure to check it out!
May 2, 2024
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