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Album Review: Safe In the Storm
Zsolt Pataki
Cover image of the album Safe In the Storm by Zsolt Pataki
Safe In the Storm
Zsolt Pataki
2024 / 6749399 Records DK
70 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
Safe In the Storm is the debut album by Zsolt Pataki, a pianist/composer born in Hungary who is currently living in Germany. I was introduced to this exceptional artist by Dan Chadburn and Tom Nichols, exceptional artists themselves, so I knew Zsolt's music came very highly recommended from very reliable sources! Since then, Zsolt's music has been accepted by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio, so the word is getting out there about his beautiful, heartfelt solo piano music. With a very generous 70-minute playing time and a total of fourteen original compositions, Safe In the Storm provides an extensive look into the musical soul of a more-than-promising new artist and I'm delighted to be among the first to review his music!

To backtrack just a bit, Zsolt Pataki began learning to play keyboard instruments at the László Planky Music School when he was 11 and was performing for audiences with his school mates not long after. He started writing his own songs when he was 17, first for his own enjoyment and later as the member and primary composer for a local band. He wrote music for other artists as well and started playing the piano in restaurants and bars, landing the job of bar pianist at the upscale coffee house of Vörösmarty Theater. There, he played the piano 3-4 times a week to an audience of hundreds. From 2013-2017, Zsolt worked outside of the music field until he discovered videos of Whisperings and Piano Haven concerts and knew that that was where he and his music belonged. Szolt released his debut album, Safe In the Storm, in March 2024 and it has already reached a world-wide audience!

Safe In the Storm begins with "A Dream Come True," a quietly introspective piece that lets listeners know right away that the album is going to be something very special. The gentle "Refind Peace" is simple, profound tranquility set to music. "Oblivion" goes a bit darker and more poignant and is a favorite. The honesty that flows through the music feels much like a soul-opening conversation with someone very close, expressing deep emotion with music instead of words. I really love this one! "Choice" picks up the tempo and energy level a bit with a light-hearted expression of joy. "Because I Love You" and "Hugging You" are love-songs-without-words, pure and heartfelt. The title track was released as a single ahead of the full album release. The phrase "safe in the storm" can be interpreted literally or metaphorically, but the piece seems to express inner peace and a sense of calm - also a favorite. I also really like the dreamy but very melancholy "Far Away," a deep emotional exploration. "Winter Harmony" reminds me of the profound quiet of watching snow fall and the delicate beauty of light sparkling as it dances on its surface. The album closes with "Everytime We Touch," a piece so heartfelt and beautiful that I think it could melt rocks! It is also my favorite piece on this excellent album.

Safe In the Storm is the kind of piano music that is excellent for background music as well as for studying and relaxation, but do your soul a favor and listen to it closely and let its beautiful honesty and deeply-felt emotion refresh your spirit. The album is available to stream or download from Apple Music/iTunes as well as streaming platforms including Spotify. Highly recommended!
April 19, 2024
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