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Songbook Review: Illuminati sheet music
Carol Comune
Cover image of the songbook Illuminati sheet music by Carol Comune
Illuminati sheet music
Carol Comune
2020 / Comune Music Press
1 page / 11 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
"Illuminati" is the solo piano sheet music for the first track on Carol Comune's 2020 solo piano album, Pastiche. It's a very beautiful piece, but let me say upfront that it isn't a simple piece to play. There are ten key signature changes and even more time signature changes throughout the 11-page piece, and while playing the notes is not difficult, keeping a smooth, easy flow while learning the piece will take some focus and practice. I would rate "Illuminati" as "early-advanced."

There is a melody that flows in and out of "Illuminati," and some parts are more ambient. Some sections have specific pedal markings while others have "with pedal." Dynamics and metronome settings are clear, and since the music is very expressive, pianists will enjoy adding their own interpretations as well. This is a really good teaching piece for advancing students - kids and adults. Carol Comune is an award-winning piano teacher herself, so this music is very pedagogically sound.

The key signatures in "Illuminati" are:

D (2 sharps)
Gb (6 flats)
Ab (4 flats)
Db (5 flats)

"Illuminati" is available from https://carolcomune.com/sheet-music. You can listen to the recording of "Illuminati" on Spotify or other streaming sites.
July 22, 2021
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