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Songbook Review: Adoration
David Nevue
Cover image of the songbook Adoration by David Nevue
David Nevue
2009 / Midnight Rain Productions
60 pages / 15 songs
Review by Kathy Parsons
Adoration is David Nevue’s first sheet music book. David has been selling individual sheet music pieces and groupings from his website for a long time, but this is his first actual book (the first of many, I’m told!). Adoration contains all fifteen hymns and praise songs from the 2007 CD release by the same name, and all fifteen have been transcribed to match the CD exactly (I know - I did the proofing!). So many collections of hymns and praise songs are arranged with a vocalist or choir in mind, so it’s fantastic to have these songs arranged strictly for solo piano. Suitable for church pianists or for your own personal enjoyment, these pieces are mostly at an intermediate/early advanced playing level. Some have rhythms that are a bit unpredictable, but if you are familiar with Nevue’s other sheet music, there won’t be many surprises. Most of the left hand parts are single notes or octaves rather than chords, and I don’t think there are any reaches of more than an octave on either hand. The layout of the pieces is roomy and user-friendly, and the notation is crisp, clear, and very easy to read. The music is printed on a heavy stock and the book is spiral bound (YEA!!!). The book also includes a “fact sheet” about David and a foreword by a piano teacher who has been successfully teaching David’s music for years (me again!). This a beautiful and a very practical book, and I recommend it very highly! It is available from davidnevue.com.
September 14, 2009
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