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Album Review: Namasté Massage
Real Music Compilations
Cover image of the album Namasté Massage by Real Music Compilations
Namasté Massage
Real Music Compilations
2011 / Real Music
61 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
I have always felt that the people at Real Music have a magical touch when it comes to assembling outstanding compilation albums, and their Namasté Massage further proves my point. Aside from the pure pleasure of the music, the liner notes state: “The music carefully selected for this album is designed to facilitate a state of deep relaxation where healing and rejuvenation can occur.” Whether or not massage is part of your lifestyle, this music is rich, warm, and beautifully recorded, providing a soothing massage for the mind while creating a relaxed and comforting atmosphere. Nine artists are represented in the twelve tracks, including two by Kenio Fuke from a CD that will be released in August 2011.

Namasté Massage opens with “Mathilda” by Zeus Faber, a beautiful guitar piece backed with shimmering washes of pastel keyboard colors. Simple and heartfelt, it is a welcoming invitation to let go of your cares and just be for a while. “Sigh of the Goddess” and “L’Invitation Au Mystere” come from Thierry David’s recent release The Veil of Whispers. Wordless vocals, keyboards, and guitar paint a picture of serenity in the first piece, and the second suggests a mysterious and magical fantasy - love it! “Terra Magica” begins with sweet bird songs, becoming a gentle and uncomplicated keyboard piece. If this one doesn’t melt your stresses away, you really do need to relax! “A Long Way to Go” is by Mike Howe, one of my top favorite artists. His acoustic guitar is backed by subtle keyboard washes, and his music comes straight from the heart. Omar Akram’s “Angel of Hope” is one of his finest piano compositions and features Charlie Bisharat on violin. “Flowing Bamboo” and “Ancient Voices” come from the more mystical Karunesh, who deftly blends Eastern and Western musical traditions. “Remembering the Light” is by another of my top favorite artists, Kevin Kern. A piano and guitar duet, this could become a Kern signature piece much like his “Through the Arbor” - a delight! Liquid Mind is represented by “Take Me Tenderly,” a glimmering ambient confection. “Spirit of the Water” is the second selection by Kenio Fuke from his upcoming release. I can’t wait to hear this album - these two “teasers” are stellar! “Spirit of the Water” is a bit darker, but so soulful and emotional. Our hour-long escape from stress ends with “Elysian Fields” by 2002, one of their classics. I have dissolved into a puddle, so I think I’ll go now!

Namasté Massage is a beauty, and can be found at most online music outlets as well as wherever Real Music’s releases are featured. I highly recommend it!
June 21, 2011
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