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Album Review: Heart Awakening (single)
Cover image of the album Heart Awakening (single) by Shambhu
Heart Awakening (single)
2021 / Acoustic Shine
6 minutes
Review by Kathy Parsons
It can be difficult to name many positives that have come out of the pandemic of 2020-21, but musically, it's been an amazing time. Many artists have taken the initiative and created music to soothe, comfort and uplift, often with stunning results. It's been two years since Shambhu released his last album, Lilac Skies, and he has released his first single with an album (EP) to follow this summer. Both the single and the album are titled Heart Awakening and this review is for the single.

Shambhu has released four albums under his own name, but has also recorded and performed with a who's who of musicians in a variety of genres. As a solo artist, he is best-known for his new age and jazz-styled music, but his guitar style is all his own and has been honored with a number of impressive awards.

"Heart Awakening" is solo acoustic guitar (with very light accompanying keyboard) and was recorded in Hampton Sanctuary Studios in New York - Shambhu's first release from his home studio. Subtitled "Soothing Guitar For a Peaceful World," the piece is open, slow and very relaxed. Mixed and mastered by Todd Boston, the guitar sound is warm and clear, but not overly bright - perfect, really! This beautiful piece feels much like floating on a soft, dreamy cloud - blissful and effortless - and I highly recommend it!

"Heart Awakening" is available from Bandcamp, Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes and streaming sites like Spotify.
April 9, 2021
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